Aceros Forjados Estampados de Monclova S.A. de C.V.

Quality System

We in Aceros Forjados Estampados de Monclova S.A de C.V are dedicated to the manufacture of steel forged parts for the metalworking industry and we are committed to fully meet the requirements of our customers, generating value for the shareolder, the employers and the community through continuos improvement of procesess, the implementation of the strategy objectives, risk managment, reduction of negative environmental impacts and compliance with the legal requirements that apply to the company.

Alejandro Loya Galaz


We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of hot forgings, commited 100% with our customers' requirements, looking to always expand our horizons of quality, market and competitiveness through the achievement of our objectives and policies.


Become the best choice in hot forging in the market of parts for the industry of Mexico exceeding then expectations of our cutomers and growing in an economic, legal, environmental and socially sustainable way.